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Coming 2011: Bled Out by Glenn Parkhurst
All Things That Matter Press

Eighteen-year-old Kenny Arthur wishes he was just a typical kid from the small town of Friendship, New York, but a near death experience and a message from the other side made that impossible. Now Kenny knows there’s a plague coming and it’s not natural. He knows it can crush the life out of this world and reach up into heaven itself. And he knows he’s the only one who can stop it. What he doesn’t know is how.


Kenny sets out to do what he must, but the world outside Friendship is more than he bargained for. Before long he’s exhausted, dirty, broke, and not one step closer to accomplishing his goal. Then a pint of blood he sells for food money heals an ailing heart patient and the media feeding frenzy is on. Suddenly, Kenny knows how he’ll cure the plague. But if he wants to find the devil, he’ll have to hide while he does it. The government, the sick, the desperate, the greedy – they all want a piece of what the press is calling “the Miracle Boy.”


Now Kenny is on the hunt and on the run. His only friend is a thieving street kid named Rooster who might help him get to where he’s going, or sell him for a million dollars. Kenny can’t trust, he can’t stop, he can’t rest – until those who hunt him drain him dry, or the devil is dead, whichever comes first.

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Davy doesn’t let Down Syndrome stop him from living a normal life but when one of his hikes in the mountains brings him too close to the subterranean creature, ulasiga, the mind controlling creature uses Davy’s love of children to send him on a mission. The ulasiga projects the dark underground as a safe haven for abused children. He uses this to send Davy out to bring him this endless supply of food.

Justin knows another beating is coming, he can hear it in his drunken mother’s voice. His decision to go with the nice man to a safe place may have come too late. Even if he escapes the whipping he may end up as dinner for the dark creature.

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